9 Apps
Using a customized Zippa knowledge base
3 Teams
Coordinated coding and deployment

A Knowledge Base For Every Platform

The Problem

When we first met with the CEO of Nokē, he just pulled up the knowledge base in one of the Nokē apps and said “This isn’t how our apps should look.” Their beautifully polished apps were plagued by a jarring 3rd party knowledge base. The navigation was all over the place. Re-opening the app was the routine procedure for those unfamiliar with the system.

The Solution

After the meeting, our team went to work. Nokē had 6 mobile apps, 2 web apps, their website and another 3 applications coming down the pipeline. Intuitive navigation, graceful branding, data synchronization, and keeping the support team in charge of content were all crucial elements.

Nokē mobile knowledge base

With some team collaboration, the solution became clear. Responsive web pages would be embedded in various apps. They would be styled to look identical to the iOS, Android, web apps or the Nokē website. Navigation was designed to keep the flow intuitive and content was easily managed by support through the content editor.

Not only did they deliver, the level of support was phenominal. We were worried our unique mobile needs would be a show stopper, but they coordinated the migration efforts with 3 of our teams without a single hiccup. Nice job guys!
Cameron Gibbs — Chief Operating Officer

Identifying Concerns

With a technical solution in clear view, our team identified the biggest concerns for the project. Top priority was communication, followed closely by security and technical execution. Every Nokē app was protecting millions of dollars in assets. The newest apps coming down Nokē’s pipeline would literally have people’s lives in the balance. These changes would affect their entire customer base and a single mistake could have roiling effects. Our team had to get it perfect.

With communication being our number one priority, our team met with more than a third of Nokē’s employees to make sure the transition would be seamless. Understanding how a new knowledge base solution would affect their workflows and customers was critical.

After our initial interviews and discussions, we were able to identify 3 key teams that we would need to keep in sync throughout the entire process. Our meetings also helped us identify 2 very specific problems that were not initially discussed.

The first problem was the sales and mechanical engineering teams needed a way share stand alone instructions while still maintaining their brand. They were using Google Docs but wanted branded instructions that would not accidentally end up in a public knowledge base.

The second problem stemmed from the repetitive task of uploading dozens of images to Zippa. The mobile development team needed a way to update many images at a time. A server API was needed along with the ability to add in custom image URLs on the support side.


The solution for sharing stand alone instructions was a breeze. Our team extended the backend functionality to allow anyone within an organization to create and share standalone branded instruction sets. The API was also quite straightforward. After some initial dialogue, our team defined specifications for 2 endpoints that enabled the mobile team to automate screenshot uploads. With the content migration complete, and the mobile changes ready to go, Nokē rolled out the new Zippa solution to 6 of Nokē’s mobile apps, as well as 3 web interfaces.

Our team stood on call in case anything went amiss. But, to our surprise, the only email our team received was a reply from the COO informing us changes had been set live and were working splendidly. Everything went out with no more than a 3-4 seconds of downtime for the actual deployment switch.

Nokē Inc
  • COO: Cameron Gibbs
  • CEO: David Gengler
  • Industry: Hardware, Software
  • Company Size: Enterprise
  • Location: United States

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