Fishbowl is the number one manufacturing and inventory solution for QuickBooks. Their software is used throughout the world by organizations like NASA, Mercedes-Benz, and GE. The company faced daunting challenges when they began to roll out new internal systems. With disruptive changes to internal procedures to nearly every department, getting teams trained on the new system was proving to be impossible. To compound the issue, massive rollouts would be needed for at least the next 12 months. Tasked with implementing the changes, and training the company as a whole, Maggie Weidauer and her team implemented an internal Zippa knowledge base. Able to create and share instructions in minutes, they increased their training efficiency by over 200%. The impromptu learning sessions disappeared, and department managers became confident in training their team members. With their Zippa, the entire company is now prepared for future changes.

Increase In training efficency
Departments back up and running
Increase in content management efficiency

A Knowledge Base For Every Platform

Big System Changes

At Fishbowl Inventory, Maggie and her team were faced with an ominous challenge. Data corruption had long been seeping into their company systems. Their team of 3 was tasked with implementing a new internal software system that would keep the company’s data clean and manageable while streamlining functionality.

Not only were they tasked with overhauling a huge mission critical system, they were solely responsible for keeping the entire company trained on how to use it. With almost 200 employees affected by the changes, keeping everyone on the same page seemed impossible. To complicate matters, the implementations had to be made in phases. This meant launching new features and repeatedly training departments on how to use the new interfaces.

As the first system changes rolled out, email inboxes flooded with questions. The software everyone had once relied on for everything from closing deals to expensing write offs had been turned upside down. No number of meetings or trainings could end the insurmountable number of questions. Large emails were constantly composed, copied and re-sent. Managers were still struggling to train their teams as feature fixes were still being deployed.

Less Time Writing Documentation

As this was all unfolding week after week, one of Maggie’s team members showed her Zippa. Maggie was able to quickly create a Zippa doc and trained the finance team on how to handle advanced tax calculations in the new system. The response from the finance team was excitement and relief. They finally had something to reference for their day to day work, and they no longer had to wait in line to get questions answered.

“I spend maybe 15 minutes creating a Zippa doc.”
Maggie Weidauer - Sales Force Architect at Fishbowl

With the help of Zippa, Maggie only had to train the finance team once. After teaching the team the new way of doing things, she simply shared the docs and updated them as changes were rolled out. Maggie and her team didn’t have to setup hosting, build document navigation, learn new syntax, or deal with formatting. The new modular flow of Zippa provided the team with a faster cleaner way to create documentation. “I spend maybe 15 minutes creating a Zippa doc”, she later explained.

“Loving It!”

Shortly after training the finance team, Maggie answered questions for a sales team member stopping by her desk. She quickly created a Zippa doc and shared it with the entire sales team. All communications from sales went unusually silent with the exception of a call from the sales manager. She called Maggie to thank her for the timely documentation and said the sales team was “loving it”.

Train Once And Share The Link

With the modern Zippa editor, and intuitive sharing features, Maggie has increased her team’s training efficiency by over 200%. System roll out chaos has been reduced to a quick training session and a Zippa link. As a result, department managers are more confident in training their team members, and Fishbowl can roll out internal system changes without disruption.

Fishbowl Inventory
  • Salesforce Architect: Maggie Weidauer
  • Internal System Engineer: Anthony Frank
  • Industry: Software
  • Company Size: Midsize
  • Location: United States

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