Zippa is sunsetting at the end of 2021. If you're still using Zippa, please migrate your data away before then.

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More functionality. Less clutter.

Reimagine your editor.

Intuitive Editor

Spend less time formatting and loading previews. Drag and drop anything where it needs to be. Numbered steps and substeps update themselves.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Analytics
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Custom Domains
  • Full Code Editor
  • Mobile App Embeds

Support you can count on.

Nobody expects you to have everything figured out on day one. Migrating and setting up new systems can be challenging. Our knowledge base comes to you fully supported by a team with nearly 20 years of experience. To learn more about our dedication to our customers, check out this story.

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What's At Your Fingertips

Simple UI

A knowledge base doesn't have to be complicated.

Custom Domains

Get your website and your knowledge base on the same domain.


Support for 36 languages and counting.

Mobile Embeds

Get your knowledge base embedded right into your app.

Code Editor

Add custom theme code directly, or our dedicated team can make any changes for you.


Get impactful insights into what your customers need with robust analytics.

Analytics With Oomph!

The best way to effectively manage a knowledge base is with real-time customer insights.

What are customers searching for? Are they finding what they need quickly? Are they able to recognize the right article when they see it?

Zippa helps you understand data quickly and in a meaningful way. So you can keep your knowledge base alligned with your customer needs.

Simple Setup

Setup is simple. Sign up, upload your logo, set your brand colors, and start creating content.

A quick configuration page allows you to use your own domain name and select your theme. Publish your content and link to it. Boom! Your custom knowledge base is up and running.

Don’t Forget! We can make any theme adjustments you need along the way!

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